Georg Schiessler

Georg Schiessler

Many years ago, as a young boy I got my first analogue pocket camera. From this time onwards till now I have been interested in using photography as a medium for working with light and emotions.

I am an autodidact, but I’ve always tried to learn from a lot of useful inputs, especially from the work of professional photographers. The shooting styles and photographic resumes of these photographers vary greatly, but they all have one thing in common: their work inspires me!

I also got experience as member of Workshops or as a successful participant of photography awards or by my photo-producing as contract photographer.

About 15 years ago, I switched to use digital media. I totally changed my equipment for finally “going digital” and to reached a professional equipment. I also started to work in the area of Pre-photo work and I’ve reached a good experience with different applications.

My photographic home is the “Er-Sie-Es photoclub” and its studio in Vienna. But mainly I take my pictures outside at different events, locations, on the street or make special projects on the PC.

At the end my pictures could be curiosity, anger, sadness, happiness, colourful, etc. But the most important element for me is that my photos are able to evoke emotion.